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MEM by Paula Malleus is a modern and avantgarde collection from Finland. It´s made entirely out of post consumer waste. Therefore it is the first serial producible collection known in the world which has been created from textile waste. It is an upcycled collection, which aim is to bring design and new way of producing clothes together in a sustainable way.


MEM is trademark of Paula Malleus and has been developed since 2012. Paula has been working with clothes for twenty years and recycling and upcycling nearly for a decade. 2007 She co-founded Remake Ekodesign Ltd which is a pioneer on a Finnish upcycle field. Since then she has been working only with recycled materials mainly on custom work. All MEM products are produced in Finland at the moment, but right now we are looking for ways to produce also abroad. They are made by Finnish textile professionals locally and also from local post consumer waste.

Paula Malleus

Master Seamstress / 2015
Became a first master seamstress in the world by using only recycled materials in her degree.

Entrepreneur / 2007
Started Remake EkoDesign company.

Life coach / 2007
Became a life skills coach and now using the skills to train a new ecodesigners.

Fifth collection by MEM is presented
at Helsinkin Fashion Week, 21st July 201

Fifth collection by MEM is presented at Helsinkin Fashion Week, 21st July 201

"The name ENDURE is a message of overconsuming the natural resources and the destruction and loss of species on Earth. The collection is a plea for the planet to endure," tells Paula Malleus, the driving force behind MEM. The name also hints to time consuming and persistent work, that Paula has had done in the past decade when pushing forward sustainability and circularity. ENDURE has been completely made from surplus clothes from Vantaa SPR Kontti. The prints that Paula has designed are produced at Kokkotyö-foundation. Thus ENDURE combines uniquely and concreatly strong design, circular economy and an impact on the society.

“MEM – the brand by finnish designer Paula Malleus – has showed a strongly innovative and modern collection, made exclusively out of post consumer waste, which makes her the very first designer in the world to ever show a collection fully made of textile waste.”

Production Method

MEM is upcycled and it means all material (excluding some components) are collected from post consumer textile waste flow.

Through the years of working with recycling centers and new kind of production methods we got to know what kind of cycle of material flow there is in textile -and clothes waste.

By taking in all the information there was available we started to map the basic shapes of pieces we could get out of the textile and material flow. In the existing form lies the base for the upcycle design we create in MEM.

Right now the material from our production comes from Finnish red cross (the biggest recycler in finland). For now MEM is made and sold only in Finland. The idea is to produce it locally fully. From each collection we create a bottom stock which includes 2 pieces of each size. On top of that we only produce by order. For example if some retailers wants a whole set of clothes we make them just for that order.

Production method path:

1. Testing and creating a form / draping tests- Creating rough testpieces
– Creating the test piece straight from the postconsumer waste from what it´s made. From there we get the information how the Item should be cut to pieces for further production.

2. Rough patterns

3. Fittings for testpieces

4. Test piece corrections + rough pattern corrections

5. Sample piece production

6. Fittings for sample pieces

7. Pattern correction & completion

8. Shoots for Lookbook and Editorials

9. 1st pieces in different sizes

10. “Testdrive” (all product are tested on how they work in use to be make sure that there are no technical issues)

11. Bottom stock (1 piece per each size)

12. Gathering all full production files

13. Production for orderpiece stock (+1 of each size for covering sells)

14. Release show / press night (can be also earlier)

15. Sales & marketing

16. Production for orders by retailers and customers.

MEM Collections

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